MOUNTAIN MASSAGE: (relaxation) $135/60 min, $195/90 min, $275/120 min

Need a little kneading? A Time out? A chance to disconnect and reconnect with yourself? Then this is the massage for you.  This is a massage to relax and has light to medium pressure, depending on your needs.

STEEP & DEEP MASSAGE: (therapeutic) $135/60 min, $195/90 min

Got some aches and pains? Feeling the need to address some issues in your tissues? Come on in and see us to work out those specific areas that need some attention. Or perhaps you’ve got some sports orientated goal and plan on using Massage Therapy as part of your overall training, then count us in! We are on it!

WILDCRAFTED FACIAL:  $160/60 min, $210/90 min

Enjoy this relaxing experience specifically targeted towards our high alpine climate. This treatment will hydrate, nourish, and stimulate cell turn-over with anti-aging benefits. Using hand-harvested and fortified ingredients that show proven results, this treatment will leave you with a radiant and hydrated glow. A detoxifying facial massage will stimulate lymphatic drainage and ease dull and tired skin.


THE NIRVANA:  $215/90 min, $295/120 min

Originally we ran this as a monthly special and a client came out telling us, “wow you should name that The Nirvana!” and presto, a new service was created!   A 60 minute full body massage customized to what areas need attention,  combined with our signature 30 minute foot treatment. Our foot treatment includes shea butter hydration, a citrus bliss sugar scrub and extra hot stones! Simply Nirvana.  Time to book your 90 minutes or 120 minutes of The Nirvana today!

PARADISE ON THE SLOPES:  $260/90 min, $315/120 min

The paradise on the slopes is one of our signature treatments that offers nine different essential oils dropped along your spine and sealed in with a hot compress. We then use hot stones, melted shea butter and hot compresses while we work to give you a therapeutic massage like no other. Pamper yourself today.

DEEP INDULGENCE:  $360/120 min

It’s time to put yourself first and book this luxurious treatment that involves essential oils, hot stones, hot towel compresses, shea butter, complete with our signature sugar scrub to leave your feet in complete bliss. Two hours will have you so relaxed that you will be floating out of the spa. If you need a deep reset and relax this is the massage session for you. Book Today!

PARRY’S PEAK HOT STONE MASSAGE:  $145/60 min, $200/90 min

We love warming up our stones that have been hand picked over the years to spread healing warmth into your body. Some of our unique stones come from the various rivers we raft our boats down while others have come from places as far away as Australia and the Amazon basin of Peru. We warm these hot stones up and use them to spread heat into your muscles simultaneously giving you a relaxing and therapeutic massage.  Book today to experience the perfect blend of relaxation and therapeutic body work.

IT TAKES TWO COUPLES MASSAGE:  $290/60 min, $400/90 min

Prices are for two!  Call or message to schedule, can’t be booked online Booking a couples massage means you get to enjoy some major relaxation together. Complimentary Scalp Massage and Aromatherapy of your choice of Peppermint, Orange or Eucalyptus.  Includes compresses of infused Hot Towels. Please note we are offering the option for the It Takes Two massages to happen in separate rooms OR in the same room, the choice is yours.

AROMA TOUCH MASSAGE:  $145/60 min, $200/90 min

Feeling like your Immune System needs some TLC? This treatment will boost your overall wellbeing with essential Oils by DoTerra! We feather 9 different essential oils along your spine and seal them in with a hot compress for activation. If you’re looking for the deepest relaxation this is it! All of the healing benefits of the essential oils are coupled with body work that is tailored to your needs. Why not make your day better today and book an aroma touch massage today!


Need a little love while growing your little love to come? Then we would love to see you! Be sure to let us know how far along you will be at time of appointment when you book, and it is never a bad idea to clear massages with your Doctor during this special time.

THAI MASSAGE:  $195/90 min

Traditional Thai massage includes all the elements of compressions, joint movements, muscle stretching, and balancing  energy. During the session the client wears loose clothes that allow free movement. (This offering is also available ‘on the table’)


Feet feeling the pain of your love for adventure?  Come on in to get those boot-beaten sore feet worked on to release tension and restore balance.  We start this treatment with a scrub to get those pesky feet smooth, then our shea butter hydration treatment with refreshing DoTerra essential oils followed up with hot stones massaging your feet!

HOT STONE ENHANCEMENT:  $25/can be added to any 60, 90, or 120 minute service

Add this incredible hot stone enhancement to any of our massage to warm up the muscles, enhance relaxation, and improve blood and lymph circulation.

ORGAID FACE SHEET UPGRADE:  $25/can be added to any 60, 90, or 120 minute service

All organic ingredients such as lavender, willow bark, horsetail, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid to give your skin that extra boost of love any time of the year.