Sage Advice


Take those big, deep breaths of fresh air!

In yogi Philosophy each individual is assigned a certain amount of breathes per life. That’s why breathing deeply and fully is such a focus in Yoga. So too in Massage Therapy does the body have the conditions that support the respiratory system with lengthening and relaxing upper body muscles to improve breathing capacity and function. It is nearly impossible for an individual to reach a relaxed state when the body is taking short breaths instead of breathing at a natural pace or even more deeply than normal.

Yes, what your grandma said about posture is true!

Massage naturally brings the body back to a better posture by lengthening muscle fibers. Ever notice how when you stretch then relax you feel so much more aligned and have that moment of relief in your body? In a culture where all we do is look down, at our devices, when chatting on the phone, even driving and eating, how often do you look up and open up your ribcage to create space and good posture? When our neck and backs hurt Poor Posture is the #1 Culprit! Also when we hunch forward our internal organs are compromised, as blood flow is restricted.  Massage to the rescue, by loosening constricted muscles due to poor posture our bodies are given a chance to reposition themselves to a pain free and natural posture.

Decrease that nasty little sucker called stress!

Adrenaline, its not always a bad thing, except when it is. Remember that lesson way back in High School about Flight or Fight? Yep it’s true, Adrenaline is great when you need it, giving you that extra push to react to a highly charged situation. However if you find yourself living in that space everyday, that’s not such a good thing. Adrenaline boosts your heart rate and Cortisol boosts your blood sugar levels, but at the cost of supplying your Organs and Immune system with a good blood supply. That’s when Stress becomes Distress! Causing all types of physical ailments such as Higher Blood Pressure, Headaches, Upset stomach and trouble Sleeping. Because you are only given one body in this one lifetime, it’s time to make it a priority. Just one session of Massage can lower your heart rate, along with increase the bodies secretion of Serotonin and Dopamine, making massage therapy and stress relief partners in good self care.