• Eases tension

    Eases Tension

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Is it time to have that self care experience? We all only have one birthday a year and then its up to us to keep up the good work with great self care. At Alpenglow we believe that self care is a priority. Keep on believing that you are worthy, and we will be there to share in the experience with you. Coupon Code: Summer 2018


$10 off on our Nirvana 90 minutes Massage for the month of June. Originally we ran this as a monthly special and here we are doing it again, and a client came out telling us, “wow you should name that The Nirvana!” and hey presto, a new service was created!   A 60 minute full body massage customized to what areas need attention,  combined with our signature 30 minute Foot Treatment that involves a foot scrub, Shea Butter hydration treatment and massaging of the feet with Hot Stones to end! Simply Nirvana.  Time to book your 90 minutes of Nirvana today!

Summer Serenity Special 60 Minute Massage.

Relax and unwind with Essential Oils.   Firstly a calming  and uplifting steam inhalation of Wild Orange, then a customized to your needs Massage using the Relaxing doTerra  blend of Serenity  which combines the soothing scents of Lavender, Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, and Ylang Ylang with the warming aromas of Hawaiian Sandalwood and Vanilla Bean  Essential Oils. We hope to see you soon. $100

Please call us to book your appointment on 9707262363 or To book online just go to our “Book Now” page and follow the link for Monthly Specials.

Thank you for your support as we continue to grow and offer the highest Standard of Treatments for all our Clients.