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    Meraki (V): To do something with Soul, Creativity or Love; to put something of oneself in one’s work.

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Tracey Windmill

Silver Medalist at the World Massage Championships, 2018 in Freestyle Massage.

Yep this is me, Tracey Windmill,  Owner of Alpenglow Massage and loving every moment of it. I am a mover and a groover, a lover of life and adventures, as well being the eternal student and love to continue learning. This Year I added Sarga Bodywork into the mix and am also an Instructor of 3 Dimensional Bodywork, added to my existing qualification of being a Master Practitioner of Phenomenal Touch Massage.  My bodywork has a 3 Dimensional Quality to it and differs with each client and session as I strive to meet my clients needs on a deeper level. I have been practicing bodywork for 25 years receiving my first qualifications in 1992, along with a Certification of being a Naturopath in 1994. If you miss me at Alpenglow Massage, I am sure to be out on the slopes, or floating down a river in my raft. You can always follow me on Instagram at Alpenglowmassage. Or you can check out a little of my work here Highlights 

There is so much gratitude for the Therapists who work with me at Alpenglow Massage who continue to strive to be the best they can be, no matter which one of us you see you are sure to be in good hands.

Kelly Stephenson

Growing up in Eastern Washington State, usually on a horse in the sagebrush eventually produced some injuries that were not completely dealt with until I was introduced to massage therapy. So, in 2004 I graduated from the Tri-City School of Massage in Kennewick Washington. I worked for a spa providing therapeutic massage for 9 years and then moved to a spinal rehab office for a year and a half. In 2015 my love of skiing took me to Bozeman, Montana where I treated many clients with the love of all things, fun outdoors! It is now 2018 and to be closer to my son in Colorado I have found myself in Winter Park. Evan though I was a ski instructor for 16 years, I had to come here to get much, needed snowboard lessons from my son!

Mickala Adkins

Originally born in Michigan, I have lived in Colorado for the past 7 years. In the summer of 2019 , I graduated from the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy to become a certified bodyworker. While attending Berkana, I was able to develop multiple skill sets and truly fell in love with the art of massage therapy. I am very passionate about the work that I‘m able to provide for my clients and the impact it has on someone’s overall health and well being.

Anastastia Cesnik

Anastasia is a Minnesota native that moved to Colorado in 2015. After living in Alaska where she accidentally found herself as the only non-massage therapist in a massage cupping clinic at her local acupuncture and yoga studio she was hooked and made plans to change careers. She attended the Minnesota School of Business and received her associates degree in Applied Sciences with an emphasis in Massage Therapy. She hasn’t turned back since receiving her degree in 2014. Her favorite modalities are Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage, Prenatal Massage, Swedish as well as Aroma Touch. Anastasia’s attention to detail allows her to incorporate her clients wishes as well as their needs. She blends techniques from various parts of her training so that the client receives a comprehensive therapeutic massage addressing needs ranging from acute injuries to overall emotional and physical stress. Some of the techniques you’ll find in her massages are passive stretching, reflexology, or even myofascial release technique to name a few.  Other than massage therapy some of her passions include dog training, flying fixed wing and hot air balloons with her family, hiking, biking, and on any given day that there is snow on the ground you will find her skiing. Her adventurous spirit is balanced by the grounding of meditation, yoga and regular body work. You will not be disappointed by her well rounded massages and we encourage you to book with her today.

April Ensor

A Colorado native I was raised on the front-range but the mountains always called me. I moved “up the hill” as soon as I was out on my own.  I’ve been told my whole life, when my hands would seek to soothe the hurts of others, that I should go to massage school.  A few injuries and inspirational encounters with gifted bodyworkers later, I found myself enrolled in Denver Integrative Massage School.  I studied a variety of modalities including common Western techniques and Thai massage, graduating in 2018. 

  I believe in the bodies’ innate ability to heal and restore within homeostasis.  Massage therapy, along with its direct effect to tissues, initiates synchronization of bio-rhythms facilitating this “all is well” place of homeostasis.   

  I see that human hands bring warmth of attention to every density of tissue as well as to our deeper selves, waking and supporting body, mind, emotions and spirit.  I would describe my personal style of work as a blending of east and west with Swedish and fascial work employed initially in the opening of the body, with Thai deep pressures, lengthening, joint mobilization, and focus on Sen Lines (Thai equivalent of meridians) bringing space and flow progressively deeper through the layers.  Always with a deep listening and with acknowledgement to the spoken goals of the person I am working with. 

                When I’m not working I’m being a Mama, chasing natureartculturetruth, or playing music.   

David Dunn

I completed my massage therapy training at Cumberland Institute of Holistic Therapies in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2011. My amazing instructors took genuine interest in helping me sharpen my intuitive capabilities for therapeutic touch, setting the foundation for the bodyworker I am today. Providing therapeutic massage with a structural focus, along with an energetic component, is where I do my best work. I moved to Denver in 2016 and found myself being called to the mountains, becoming a permanent Grand county resident in 2019. Whether you are a local, a second homeowner, or just here on vacation, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Monica Olsen

As a dedicated yoga practitioner and yoga teacher I have followed the path of healing for several years. Yoga led me to study Ayurveda, energy work and then led me back to India to study Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and in 2019 I attended Denver Integrative Massage School with studies in both Western and Thai massage. As a therapist, I concentrate on creating a safe and sacred space where healing can occur physically and emotionally. I gravitate towards therapeutic massage incorporating techniques from various modalities to suit the needs of each individual.