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Tracey Windmill

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Tracey Windmill is a Certified Massage Therapist and Owner of Alpenglow Massage. She attended Southern School Of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, Australia, graduating as a qualified Massage Therapist and Naturopath in 1994 after attending over 2000 hours of training. Tracey also attended school in Thailand in 2009 to learn the art of Traditional Thai Massage, and takes advantage of continuing Education when the occasion arises. She has Graduating as an Advanced Practitioner of Phenomenal Touch Massage with 400 hours of Training. She uses modalities such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Fascial Release,  Prenatal, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Phenomenal Touch and Thai Massage (also called Lazy Man’s Yoga) to personalize each Clients experience. Tracey also specializes in Iridology, which is the science of reading the map of the Iris to access the status of Health.


Jenn Posterick

Jenn Posterick is a massage therapist, Thai yoga bodyworker, and massage and yoga teacher. Bodywork sessions with Jenn are a blend of deep compression, movement, and detailed fascial work. They address the body’s specific needs while also balancing and relaxing the nervous system. Each session is tailored to client needs, from injury recovery to chronic issues to relaxation and stress reduction. Her work is built on a deep foundation of Thai bodywork and western deep tissue massage techniques. To these she subtly weaves in energy balancing techniques, healing touch, Reiki, Ayurveda, and traditional Thai medicine modalities. Whether sessions are on the table or on the Thai futon, her work blends her many years of study to tailor client care to Alpenglow’s signature offerings. Over the past decade, she has developed a keen desire to help every client optimize their overall wellness, whether during a single session or in developing a long-term care strategy. Jenn attributes her own professional philosophy to lessons learned in her study of traditional Thai medicine and ParaYoga: heal the self, trust the self, let go of fear and doubt, and we can offer our truest intentions to others for their healing and wellbeing.

Rachel Croft

As a skier, soccer player , gymnast, pole vaulter, mountain Biker and Climber, Rachel has experienced muscle pain and fatigue. After many years of being approached by friends, family and teammates who knew of her interest in massage for pain relief and relaxation, she decided ti was time to receive a formal education at Denver Integrative Massage School. With her background in sports and her current employment as a Freeskiing Coach and a Whitewater Rafting Guide Rachel prefers to focus on deep tissue treatment of specific muscles, but gives an outstanding Relaxation Massage as well. Book your appointment with Rachel today.


Victoria Catalina

Victoria is a native Coloradan and has been in the spa industry for almost 30 years. She has been doing facials for 25 years and graduated as a Massage Therapist from the Phenomenal Touch Institute in Boulder Co. Her 3 Dimensional Technique has a unique dance like quality. Book your appointment with Victoria today.

Terese Kredo

I have been working as a Professional Massage Therapist for over 18 years, in two countries. I have trained in this profession extensively in Ireland, England, and the USA. I work in Boulder, Colorado with a group of Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists as well at AlpenGlow. After all the feedback I have received, my touch is best described as “with reverence” and “thorough”. The focus of my work is to contribute to one’s overall well-being and to assist folks in getting to ‘full-free pain-free range of motion’ through the therapeutic side of Massage. When I am not working as a Massage Therapist, I am an Alpine All Terrain Performance Ski Coach at Winter Park Competition Center.

Chris Morris

Chris Morris has been in the health and wellness industry for nearly two decades. As a personal trainer, he has worked with populations ranging from elite athletes to individuals seeking to discover their fitness goals and create a path to reaching them. As a massage therapist, he has a multi faceted approach that allows hi to apply gentle relaxation techniques, deep tissue manipulation and/or movement to create an overall sense of wellbeing for his clients.
As an avid outdoorsman, Chris has also spent over half of his life as a guide, leading groups on rivers, in the wilderness, and to the top of the worlds highest peaks. In this capacity he has also led disabled athletes to reach their adventure goals. His attention to each clients unique capabilities and state of being gives him the ability to meet his massage clients where they are and work with them to maximize their session goals.

Kacie Fitzpatrick

 Kacie has a background in the medical field, equipping her with a vast understanding of the human body and how it functions. After Graduating from Denver Integrative Massage School in 2014, she has received additional training in Thailand. Kacie has a therapeutic pressure and utilizes detailed muscle work to achieve what your body needs. Kacie is currently recovering from a serious car injury and after her recovery will be rejoining us at Alpenglow Massage.

Bridgette Robinson

 Bridgette has been a licensed Massage Therapist for 2 years. Certified in Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Relaxation and specializes in Pain Relief. Coming from a family of Massage therapists Bridgette has a long history of association with bodywork.